Dragon Nest Offline Version

Okay Let Me Get This Quick..
Since The Language In China or Japan.. Here Is The Tutorial^^

Choices of Class based characters :

From Left to Right
Sorceress- Mage of the game. Deals with AOE and extreme damage.
Warrior- Main Melee class of Dragons Nest. Heavy hitter and tanker.
Archer- Fastest hitting class. Deals moderate damage at high speed. 
Cleric- Healer and Tanker of Dragons Nest. Very easy to solo, and highly advised if you want to solo.

Controls :

Tab- Attack/Normal Mode switch
Ctrl- Cursor/FPS mode switch
Space- Jump
Left Click- Normal Attack
Right Click- Knockback
1 to 9 - Skill/Action hotkeys
I- Inventory
C- Character Info
K- Skill Info
R- Some buff AND when you die press to Revive 
F- Pickup items
Mouse- Aim
WASD- Move around

A- Tab changes your mode. Combat - Normal (?). In Normal mode you just un-equip your weapon basically.
B- Ctrl changes from FPS mode to Cursor Mode. FPS mode has the aim symbol and acts as the cursor. Cursor mode brings back the lil cursor so you can click on any of the buttons. In cursor mode you can not move the screen.
C- Is your characters avatar, HP and MP bars and level/class.
D- Is basically game options such as resolution, sound, brightness. Most features are disabled.
A- Your total amount of points. Points are earned by killing monsters and fighting them. I think healing also gives points.
B- Enemy Name, Health Status, and Damage done to enemy.
C- Exp bar (Disabled in Demo)
D- No clue as that does not move XD
A- Red portals means you can go on to the next area. Black Portals are closed off until you finish the requirements for it to open.
B- Skill Cooldown Timer. Currently dashing (or dodging), and Clerics jump attack. Will tick the timer. Once it reaches the top and vanishes you can use that skill/action again.
C- In order from left - right: Character Info, Inventory, Skill Info
D- Mini map zoom in/out
A- Boss/Enemy marks where an attack will take place. AVOID!
B- Boss Info/HP bar/Level/Avatar. Will only pop up once you attack.
C- Item name and item flashy notice me to pickup thing.
D- Yellow Text is system message. Screenshots/Future Chat bar.
E- Boss Name, Logo, and Mini HP Bar

Download :

Single Link (210MB) - http://adfoc.us/746649298053
RAR Password - eagle3zio.blogspot.com
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